HIV & AIDS Cure in Nigeria: Facts & Possible Remedies

According to Wikipedia, HIV and AIDS which is short for Human immunodeficiency virus infection and obtained immune deficiency syndrome is a spectrum of conditions caused by infection with a persons immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

HIV & AIDS Cure in Nigeria: Facts & Possible Remedies

This viral infection is one of the deadliest and feared disease in Nigeria.

Sadly, this virus-like disease is common in Nigeria also to make issues worse, people living with it don’t know they are living with it.

Some know only when they may become ill and hurried to the hospital. To others, they live and die with it, with people giving various causes of the death of anyone without anyone talking about it.

The lower level of awareness of this disease is partly in charge of the continuous penetration of this disease in Nigeria.

To many, when someone’s sickness is intense, they become suspicious. This had led to some form of stigmatization toward people not actually living the disease and at the same time, people move near supposedly healthy people to whom they and anyone engaged don’t know he or she is HIV positive.

The rate of new infection in Nigeria is alarming. According to a report, about 60% of new infections cases in western and central The african continent in 2015 occurs in Nigeria.

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In fact, Nigeria has the most significant HIV epidemic in the world although it prevalence among adults is impressive small compared to other sub-Saharan African countries.

According to the UNAIDS data 2017, in 2016, 3. 2 million people were managing HIV in Nigeria.

Yet , the adult prevalence unusual was 2. 9%. it also explained that there are about 160, 500 AIDS-related deaths and two hundred and twenty, 000 newly infected.

These types of and many more shows the disease is not going any moment soon in the country. what then is the situation regards to it treatment?

HIV and AIDS Treatment In Nigeria

I know it is not information for you that a whole lot of men and women had claimed they have a cure for the illness.

The categories of men and women creating this claims ranges from both orthodox medication researchers and the traditional medicine men also referred to as the herbalist.

However,? nternet site write, there is no accepted and proven remedy for the condition. The choices are high, the amount of research workers interested, the amount put in so far and the successes in conditions on retro-viral drugs available.

I actually hope some day, I will come back to this article and re-write it when solution has recently been found but since we speak, nothing of such, just speculations from different quarters.

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HIV Prevention Shows In Nigeria

Even though the search for the final treatment for the disease is on, there are a few programmes designed to prevent the pass on of the disease because as the widely known adage says, prevention is better, more efficient and cheaper than cure.

A few of these programs include;
-Prevention of mother-child transmission (PMTCT) service
-HIV and AIDS education
-Preventing tuberculosis (TB) when it comes to living with HIV
-HIV screening and counseling (HTC) in Nigeria.

Conclusively, it might interest you to notice that while HIV is a killer disease and can be transferred from an infected person, it is not transferred until there’s a fluid contact.

This means people living with HIV and SUPPORTS can live among those without it and can be shown love without having affected.

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