Cholesterol Myth: Does High cholesterol lead to Heart Disease?
One of the most abused words in the health industry is  cholesterol.

When you hear the word “Cholesterol”, the initial thing that comes to mind is heart disease or a clogged artery. Everyone “claims” cholesterol causes heart problems. You read it on personal blogs. You see it in the newspapers. You even hear it on TV SET and radio. We listen to it so much it must be true. Everybody cannot be wrong right?

Cholesterol Myth: Does High cholesterol lead to Heart Disease?

Well, as a subject of fact, there has never been an genuine clinical study that shows that high blood lipid disorders causes heart disease.

Not really a single one!



In truth, the reverse is the case. The thing is, there are numerous studies that show that blood cholesterol would not cause heart disease or clogged arteries.


People pass away of heart diseases without having a higher blood bad cholesterol. And on the other hand, many people with high blood cholesterol show no symptoms of cardiovascular system diseases, clogged arteries or high blood pressure.

What if that? I know it seems unbelievable but facts are facts!

Nowadays, to prove to you that what I’m expressing is not merely theory from nothing, I’ll show you dozens of proof from real life studies by cholesterol researchers.

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Before I actually do that, I want to quickly let you know why the Cholesterol fantasy is so popular.

This why:

The drug industry sells billions worth of cholesterol-lowering drugs, so they have a lot to do with this phony impression about cholesterol.

That out of the way, now let’s speak about those studies that prove hypercholesteria to be innocent. Beginning with the Framingham Cardiovascular system Study.
Inside the Framingham Heart study, practically 5, 000 people’s health were closely monitored for a few many years. And the conclusion is that the people who eat more saturated extra fat do NOT develop cardiovascular disease any more than anyone else [1]

Be aware this: Saturated fats are very well known to raise blood cholesterol.

Going on…

A heart physician, Michael DeBakey, carried away research using a sizable quantity of patients at Baylor University. He uncovered that out of just one, 700 participants who endured with atherosclerosis (which causes heart disease) severe enough for hospitalization, only one patient out of five had high blood bad cholesterol.

One more:

In the Journal of American Medical Association, Dr Harlan Meters. Krumholz reported a research where he monitored 997 people 65 years and above. The conclusion was that the participant with high cholesterol level experienced about the same rate of death and cardiovascular system attack as those with normal cholesterol level [3]

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Yet again, no evidence of higher hypercholesteria levels increases the risk of death or center disease.

In addition to that:

In 1950, cardiac artery disease became one of the leading factors behind death. Now, with the of low-cholesterol drugs, low-cholesterol food and avoidance of cholesterol and saturated body fat haven’t, in any way, reduce the rate of death from heart harm.

There is certainly a little common sense, it is evident that blood cholesterol level is not the fundamental of the problem, something more is.

In conclusion, if you wish to lose weight, get ripped or live a healthy lifestyle, don’t be afraid to eat wealthy natural foods like as soon as possible, palm oil, meat and other food high in saturated fat just because they raise your blood vessels cholesterol.
No study has been able to web page link high level of blood vessels cholesterol to heart diseases.

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